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Vimeo / "bondage" tagged videos
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Tina awakens to find herself with a bit of a problem.

Cast: Mike James

Tags: Tina, tied, bondage, bound, bed, tied up, struggling, squirming, ropes, submissive and panic


Edited by Lucile Lefebvre
Infographist Jean-Marc Eliette

Après une première soirée passée à s’épier, MOTEL vous propose de vous attacher les uns aux autres autant physiquement que mentalement avec le Kinbaku.
Vous allez découvrir l’art ancestral du bondage japonais, des cordes et des corps, un monde de méditation et de sensualité a portée de crin.
Du cinéma, au jeu vidéo, en passant par la photographie et l'animation, nous vous plongerons dans l'univers complexe et étonnant du Kinbaku.

Cast: Soeurs Malsaines

Tags: soeurs malsaines, gibus, projections, bondage, japonais, naomi tani, nicolas yoroï, 2014, septembre, musique, event, live, motel, le tag parfait and VICE


Cast: Instituto Mexicano del Shibari

Tags: bdsm, sadomasochism, domination, bodnage, shibari, kinbaku and bondage

Assignment for Directing the Scene II.


Tags: d4l, laffy taffy, bondage, masochist, poster, experimental, cigarette, misogyny, i hate ppl and queer

Model ManicDelight in rope play

Cast: Sexy Elegance

Tags: Sexy Elegance, ManicDelight, bondage and rope play

Sexy Dutch Dame hanging high above the ground in black ropes and latex.
Bondage and video by RopeMarks. Featured on

Cast: Dutch Dame

Tags: latex, bondage, ropemarks, suspension, dutchdame, dutch and dame

Rev1 of the Spanking Bench

Cast: Kit X

Tags: bdsm and bondage

Dashiell Fernández y Alberto Flores, con la colabración de Dani Rissech y Hugo Romero, grabaron en 2003 este interesante (pseudo)-documental sobre el auge de la figura del freak a principios del nuevo milenio.

Cast: Cristian Subirà

Tags: freak, experimento audiovisual, pseudo documental, amateur, threesome, bondage, fisting and gayness

When the city is being held hostage for 100 million dollars by the evil FAUSTA, it's up to the League of Amazing Women to jump in and save the day. Unfortunately, they're all in over their heads when they run into a villain who is so vile that they all get defeated by Fausta and wind up as her bondage sex slaves!

starring PENNY PLAY as Fausta, JENNIFER BLAZE as Dana Price/Liberty Belle, TILLY MCREESE as Maple Leaf, and MISSEY as Britannia

Cast: Shakeshift

Tags: wonder woman, lasso, bondage, interrogation, tiara, pain, agony, ballgag, gag, ring gag, debooting, debelting, dominatrix, cattle prod, groping, domination, flogging and slave