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Vimeo / "bondage" tagged videos
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Видеосъемка Виктор Зырянов, Михаил Михалкофф
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Cast: michailrecords

Tags: Moscowknot, michailrecords, bondage, shibari, mosafir and bdsm


In this episode we meet Abby who plays the role of Heather.
Abby is probably one of our best and most versatile actresses and really enjoys her job.
She has an amazing, fun personality that always makes people laugh.
We talk about the different roles that she has played, how it affects her love life, what she does and does not like about the job and how she thinks society negativity judges her for her job.

Cast: Daphne Taylor

Tags: fetish, documentary, actors, actresses, bondage, film, food, feet, sneakers, jeans, tickling and supergirl

Bondage shibari performance @ Florence Tatto Convention
Ropes by La quarta corda
Model: Arinel

Cast: laquartacorda

Tags: bondage, shibari, kinbaku, japanese, ropes, tattoo, florence, convention, performance and la quarta corda

Miss Duveaux is very easy on the eyes, time to put her where we can look at her whenever we want. Time to make Miss Duveaux an ornament in our house, a leather bound ornament.

Full video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Miss, Dizzy, Duveaux, Leather, Bondage, Sexy, Hot, Blond and Collar

We invited Miss Duveaux for a nice dinner out, all pretty and dressed up she arrived at our place.

As she is always in for some good fun we asked if she liked some quick and dirty bondage before dinner; she did...

A quick upper body bondage, legs together and before she realized what happened we lifted her in in our closet and bound her tightly by the neck against the clothing-hanger.

A cleave-gag finished the job, before we went out to dinner, without Miss Duveaux...
Full Video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Miss, Dizzy, Duveaux, Bondage, Sexy, Rope, Closte, cleave, gag and blonde

The amazing Dutch Dame is being put through some very interesting and favorite paces of mine...

We dress the Dame in thigh high ballet boots, stop her from walking, we then tie her spread legs to a beautiful bamboo chair and just enjoy the sight (oh, she's a pretty sight :).

Next step, rubber hood and big rubber collar. This seems to please the Dame and we continue with another rubber hood; one with no eyes, just an open mouth.

The open mouth brings on another idea, force the Dame's mouth open. We grab our dental gag en strech the Dame's mouth to the max and leave her on her chair until the drool runs from her lips.

Unable to reach her head with her bound hands and very difficult to move her head because of the big collar she finally chockes in her own saliva...

We didn't think she lasted long enough sitting pretty, double hooded, blinded, gagged and drooling for our enjoyment. Time for some punishment and pain, we clamp her pussy and pierced tits... suffer Dame.

A true fetish and bondage update for you to enjoy with a true fetish lover.

Full video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Dutch, Dame, Japanese, Rope, Bondage, Shibari, kinbaku, Ballets, Hood, Gag and Collar

Chantal is bringing Miss Suzn home after a long day. Suzn is allowed to relax a bit before the evening really starts.

Relaxing in fetish style... obviously

Miss Suzn is gagged with a big ballgag, collared and cuffed, blindfolded and put in a chair for the last sun of the day... Where Chantal straps Suzn with rubber straps to the chair

Two sexy girls in one *hot* update


full video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Miss, Suzn, Rubber, Bondage, Hood and Belts

A digital drawing demonstration by Lisa M. Hayes
April 14, 2013
Photoshop CS5 Wacom Bamboo tablet - model MTE450 recorded with OBS

Cast: Ultra Fem

Tags: art, tutorial, demo, bondage, cartooning, drawing and photoshop

This is the continuation of this series. I continue the play we started with Dutch-Dame, Replay!

After Dutch-Dame's suffering on her knees I untie her folded legs, drag her to a stool and tie her legs again. I leave her upperbody and perky tits nicely tight. Not going anywhere it's to time to play with Dutch-Dame's head, mentally but also oh so physically

Dutch-Dame is fitted with a rough, wide, leather collar tightly around her neck. Gagged with a harnass gag and finally blindfolded only to be left alone in her own little world, controlled by me!

Enjoy, as usual, I did :)
(unfortunatly our camera broke down during this session, everything was filmed but part of the video was "pixelized", we still think you want to see Dutch-Dame wriggling under my control :))

Full video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Dutch, Dame, Japanese, Rope, Bondage, Shibari, Kinbaku, Sexy and Hot

Here's an oldy for you (2006), the RopeMarks Custom Photo Shoot with the lovely Melanie at BoundCon III

Melanie is put through three session and get to endure (but ohw, does she love it :)) suspensions, ballgags, clamps, spanking and a whole lot of bondage


Full video on Club RopeMarks

Cast: Bob RopeMarks

Tags: RopeMarks, Japanese, Rope, Bondage, Shibari, Kinbaku, BoundCon, Con and Melanie