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Vimeo / "bondage" tagged videos
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So you're a Christian and you know that you've been set free from your past sins and future punishment because of what Jesus did on the cross. Amazing!! But did you know that it's possible for you to be "free," and yet "bound" at the same time? Are there certain sins in your life that you just can't seem to stop doing no matter how hard you try? Come find out how we can live in the FULL freedom that Jesus bought for us in today's lesson - CHRIST HAS SET YOU FREE!

Cast: BTKIDS! Elementary

Tags: BTKIDS, Children's Ministry, Kids Ministry, KidMin, Freedom, Sin, Chains, Bondage, Besetting Sin, Skit, Object Lesson, Everything and Human Video

starring CLAIRE VAIL as Aquila, VIVIAN IREENE PIERCE as Dazzle, and ESTER AMORAL as Obsidian/Black Pearl

Now laying stunned on the couch, the weakened Aquila can do nothing as Obsidian leaves the room (taking Aquila's silver belt of power with her as she departs to go have it analyzed) and when Aquila recovers she discovers that without her gravity bands and her power belt she's just an ordinary woman in a sexy red leotard with no special abilities whatsoever. Elsewhere, Dazzle is still trapped under the green glow of the energy-sapping net and struggles to get free, finally succeeding after she manages to untangle herself from the tiny barbs embedded throughout. Even as she pulls herself away from the green aura of the kryptonite-like radiation, she finds herself assaulted by both Obsidian and Dr. Boyle. After grabbing her and pinning her arms to her side, Dazzle (still too weak to break free) sees that the villains want to remove her special red-and-gold cape (which allows her to fly) and her solar absorbing energy belt. Using his special laser-cutting tool Dr. Boyle uses it to melt through the special lock on Dazzle's belt buckle and the sexy superheroine's special red belt clatters to the ground. The cape is next, and Obsidian carefully confiscates it by unclasping it and pulling it off of Dazzle's breastatcular body. Now that Dazzle has been likewise depowered, the devious Dr. Boyle cradle-carries the protesting-yet-powerless Dazzle out of the room as his prisoner.

The scene reopens with both Aquila and Dazzle (still missing their power items) being tied back-to-back with really large coils of white rope. Bound as they are, neither superheroine has the power or the strength to break free. Obsidian watches carefully over them (cleave-gagging them in the process) as Dr. Boyle reveals his diabolical plan to flood the room with terminal levels of omega-band radiation, the same source of energy that gave them their powers in the first place! At radiation intensities so high though that survival percentages are at less than 10%! Obsidian is allowed to remain in the room (she's unaffected by the radiation shifts) and Dr. Boyle cowers in the next room behind a lead-lined energy shield waiting for the omega-band radiation waves to slowly finish off the two bound and gagged superheroines. As the radiation washes over the two squirming crimefighters, the energy seems to have a strange effect on Obsidian, who starts to feel more and more like herself now that the brainwashing techniques employed on her (in part one of our story) now seem to be slowly wearing off. Could Obsidian be reverting back to good? Could the two weakening superheroines trapped in peril have finally found a way to restore their one-time ally back to their side? Can goodness finally triumph over evil? Tune in, and find out!

This clip is for lovers of cleave gags (including onscreen tying), lots of rope bondage (including three front-facing hogties for all three of our fetish models with cleave-gags and then two models being tied back to back and sitting on a bed while cleave-gagged onscreen), as well as cape removal, energy-draining effects, net entrapment, arms pinned behind back, cradle lift and carry, a force-debelting (along with several rebeltings), slow panning shots across a defeated and beaten Aquila, pantyhose and tights fetish, leotard fetish, lots of moaning, sexy struggling, as well as forcible cape removal, non-erotic groping (across the body, mostly the stomach and general torso), forcible glove removal, cape fetish, gag talk, kerchief gag, xenonite exposure (like kryptonite weakness) and all of the great story and plot as you've come to expect from these fine fetish models.

Cast: Shakeshift

Tags: cleave gags, bondage, hogties, kerchief ties, boot fetish, leotards, conversion to evil, brainwashing and radiation exposure

“Sea of a Million Faces” – the version from Allison Crowe’s “secrets” album - - is accompanied here by scenes from “Of Human Bondage” - the 1934 film adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s novel starring actors Leslie Howard and, in her break-out role, Bette Davis. (Them there eyes are focus of another song.)

Cast: Allison Crowe

Tags: Allison Crowe, musica, rock, folk, piano, fleugel, passion, auteur, chanson, Newfoundland, Canada, Labrador, Bette Davis, film, love and bondage

When we are in session, time becomes distorted.

Cast: Tied4U

Tags: shibari, bondage and tied4u

Filmed by THE FRANX_Live @ THE MIDDLE EAST-Cambridge,Mass 3/10/94 with THE BARBITCHUETTES. More info on SLEEPCHAMBER see and AND or JOHN ZEWIZZ and hiz BARBITCHUETTES~


Tags: sleepchamber, john zewizz, fetish music, the barbitchuettes and bondage

Ying - The dark side of Yang.

An angel is fallen.

FULL HD: 1920*1280 pixels.

Duration: 11 min 36 seconds.

For more information about this short film, visit

Cast: Vic

Tags: gay, chubby, bear, bondage, domination, fat and obese

Shadrack Stargazer and Violet Sky perform full dynamic suspension transitions.

Cast: Shadrack Stargazer

Tags: suspension, bondage, kinbaku and shibari