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Vimeo / "bondage" tagged videos
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Whisky Jones' solo performance at August Heat - Vitality's 1st Anniversary Burlesque Show.

Cast: Vitality Fitness & Dance Studio

Tags: burlesque, dance, theater and bondage


Nueva sección de donde me podéis contar vuestros problemas y yo me podré burlar de vosotros.

Cast: Diosa Susi

Tags: BDSM, Femdom, domination, dominacion, findom, sado, bondage, hardcore, sex, sexy, goddess and mistress.

The man in black has hottie Jessica Taylor bound up outside and is ready to play. Watch as he makes her cum HARD! Not one, two but THREE TIMES in this HOT INTENSE clip! Hot and sexy as her thighs quiver, she drools from her ballgag and sexy moans as her knees give out to the intense orgasms!

Cast: Jessica Taylor

Tags: forced orgasms, bondage, orgasms, roleplay, role playing, domination, cumming, blondes, sexy blondes and ballgagged

Here is my experience at Fetishcon 2014!!! lots of wild kinkyness going on around every corner...

Cast: Rebel

Tags: kinky, fetish, fetcon, pure rebel, modeling, clips4sale, hotel, convention, models, bondage, foot fetish, tickling, porn, freak show, drag queen and freedom

Edie Sixx is hanging out with her boyfriend Aaron who just brought a bunch of new pills over for them to try when there is a loud banging at the door! It's the police and they've got a warrant! Aaron bolts out the back door leaving Edie to fend for herself as she scurries to hide the pills! The officer busts in and demands to know where the drugs are and even tries to tickle it out of helpless little Edie! Edie fights it in a fit of laughter and is not going to give up easily! Scene opens up to Edie now handcuffed and hogtied! The officer has complete control now and is determined to get Edie to break! She tickles Edie's bare soles as she interrogates her for the location of the drugs she knows are in the house! Edie can do nothing but laugh! She finally gives up letting the officer know the pills are hidden in the couch! Officer Kat retrieves the pills but knows that there are surely more drugs this ticklish little bandit has hidden! She continues to tickle torment Edie's sweet feet and sides until she gives up the location of the rest of her stash!

Cast: Jessica Taylor

Tags: tickling, tickle, feet, barefoot, foot, hogtied, bound and bondage

Shibari by Jan from Germany aka JPBondage & Psiheya (Ukraine)
Jan from Germany
Video, edit
Locatoin: Kiev, Ukraine

Cast: T.G.Bara

Tags: Shibari, Nawashi, T.G.Bara and Bondage

ROPE is the 2nd feature film documentary produced and directed by Eric Minh Swenson on the contemporary Southern California art scene. ROPE is a film that focuses on the intricate beauty and and ornate process of rope bondage as art and liberation from sexual norms. The film features Damon Pierce as rope artisan and bondage rigger. ROPE will present an in-depth look behind Pierce's passion as a BDSM educator and extreme performance artist. The film will also provide an impassioned view and joy among both sexes.

ROPE will be filmed in 2014 under the direction of Eric Minh Swenson throughout Los Angeles. For more info on Swenson and other projects please visit his website at


Classes and private tuition with La quarta corda. Base, intermediate and advanced level.
Some testimonials by student.

Videomaker: Niccolò Celesti
Montaggio: La quarta corda, boiledbean

Cast: laquartacorda

Tags: bondage, workshop, bondage workshop, shibari, workshop shibari, kinbaku, bondage classes, classes, japanese bondage, how to tie, private tuition bondage, private tuition and ropes
Corsi e lezioni private con La quarta corda. Livello base, intermedio e avanzato.
I commenti di chi ha fatto un corso.

Saper legare non è solo creare disegni con le corde sul corpo o immobilizzare in una posizione, ma farlo con gusto, stile e soprattutto connessione tra chi lega e chi è legato; si può imparare a realizzare alcune legature anche da libri o da tutorial video, ma solo con l’esperienza diretta di una lezione dal vivo si può capire la giusta tensione delle corde, come realizzare una frizione in maniera corretta, come sviluppare delle variazioni alle legature base, ma soprattutto come usare la corda con sentimento, l’aspetto più importante del bondage, quello che fa la differenza tra una legatura banale e una che ci fa vivere sensazioni profonde.

Videomaker: Niccolò Celesti
Montaggio: La quarta corda, boiledbean

Cast: laquartacorda

Tags: corso di bondage, corsi, bondage, workshop, bondage workshop, shibari, workshop shibari, imparare a legare, lezioni private bondage, lezioni private, bondage giapponese, kinbaku, corde and japanese bondage

Available on iTunes now!!

Uncensored music video for Justin Symbol' "Control" featuring Daisy Berkowitz (Marilyn Manson co-founding guitarist)

Video Credits
Producer - Justin Symbol
Director - Dee Wassell
Cameras - Ace Bouchard and Mark Phillips
Makeup - Jill Hart and Markko Donto "Wolverinna"
Editors - Justin Symbol and Dee Wassell

Track Credits
Justin Symbol - vocals, bass
Daisy Berkowitz - guitar
Baba Yaga - synth
Joe Livingston - synth, programming

Kim D'Eville
Justin Symbol
Baba Yaga
Gia Jupiter
Markko Donto "Wolverinna"
George Mott

Cast: Justin ‡ Symbol

Tags: control, justin symbol, voidhead, daisy berkowitz, insane asylum, shock rock, industrial, goth, nightmare, occult, satanism, s&m and bondage