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Ruchik Randhap
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Okay! So here's an easy peasy, lovely little recipe for some delightful short eats that is a must try for all coffee lovers! If you love chocolate and coconut, well, its just a bonus! There's no reason why you shouldn't be making these even if there's no festive season round the corner. Just make them for your self and enjoy them, all by yourself if you like! 

I made these during Christmas last year and never got around to posting the recipe. I've been waiting for an opportunity to post this recipe but none came my way - or maybe I just didn't give it enough priority. Now that we are in the midst of nothing specific, no festive season around the corner, its a great time to try out some sweets and keep them handy, just in case. 


Towards the end of the Lent that just passed by, I had tried my hand at a ton of veg recipes. Sadly I couldn't post all of them before Easter but it's never too late to post them now. There is always a need for new veg recipes in my house as we eat them as a routine, whether anyone likes them or not. However, I am aware that most vegetables don't get as much appreciation or attention as potatoes do, so I try to make them often in one way or the other, cooked by themselves or into a non vegetarian dish. I love adding potatoes to chicken, meat or fish curries and even in the minced meat preparations. This time I decided to make a curry by itself, something that would tide us through when there was no special non veg dish and something that would go very well with chapathis. This simple potato curry has a yogurt base that makes it nice, creamy and delicious. The son enjoyed it for 3 meals at a stretch. Like I mentioned before, he will opt for vegetables over fish any day. 

I had my first taste of the Goan sausages many years ago and I fell in love with them instantly! Someone had been to Goa and had brought us a small batch of prized sausages which I divided into batches to be used carefully as I didn't know when our next trip to Goa would be. I had made the sausage pulao which we greatly enjoyed as one needs to prepare a very basic pulao without too many spices. The sausages are so packed with flavour that they lend themselves beautifully to the flavour and aroma of the pulao. Back home in Mangalore, not everyone used to be a fan of them owing to their strong flavour. However, from my personal experience, I find that the ones sold in Margao market and sold loose (weighed and sold as per your need) are a lot better in terms of flavour than the packed ones sold commercially by big brands - this is solely my opinion. I know that a lot of people may have opinions that differ. Anyway, the point is that Goan sausages are to die for! If you love pork and want to make a quick meal then stocking up on a few sausages every once in a while is a brilliant idea. 

In the poll I conducted on my Facebook page a couple of days ago, in which I asked readers what kind of recipe they would like to see next on the blog, 'fish curry' garnered the second highest number of votes. So here's a lovely and fiery red curry to enjoy this week. I was pretty eager to try this recipe as it involved no additional steps apart from cleaning the fish and grinding the masala. By additional steps I mean the frying of chopped ingredients such as onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies etc before the ground masala is added. When I am in a hurry to cook I usually dislike this chore (or 'chorre'! as we say in Mangalore - Oh! what a bother! Hehe!) so this cut to the chase, fast forward recipe suited me fine. All you needed to do was grind the masala and dump it along with the cleaned fish in a pan and wait for science to do its job. While I attended to other chores (or 'chorres') in my kitchen the fish cooked beautifully, on a slow fire, letting all the lovely spices permeate its meat! A few minutes later the curry was ready to be enjoyed with some hot rice!

This is a super simple, super delicious recipe for beans and carrots which taste great by themselves, so you don't really need to mask their natural flavours with heavy spices. I just attempted to stir fry them in some basic seasoning and they turned out great! It's a great accompaniment to chapathis or rice and it's something you can make on a busy day. It's not a dish you need to slave over as there is no grinding of masalas involved here. 


The simplest of our meals at home consist of seafood and a vegetable on the side served with rice. Since I have been really busy since last week I just had enough time to put this simple yet delicious meal together. Beans and carrots are a match made in heaven, especially when stir fried in some very basic spices! The fish masala is one of the easiest ways to make fish curry. Since it has a thickish gravy you can pair this dish with chapathis too instead of rice. 

I hope you give this boshi a try and let me know how you liked it! If you have tried any of my recipes please drop me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

Do check the complete Boshi series here



Ruchik Randhap completed 6 years of active blogging yesterday! Yay! This journey has been a special one for me as with each passing day I get better at a skill I thought I never possessed. From someone who couldn't as much make something as basic as rice, I think I've come a long way. I am thankful and grateful to God and everyone who has contributed in some way or the other to my life. Honestly, blogging has become a lifeline for me, my passion and in a strangely wonderful way, my occupation. The whole package of cooking, clicking and blogging has become such huge learning experience for me that most often than not, I eat, sleep and dream food. I had read somewhere that food bloggers are perhaps the most hardworking of the lot as they handle a whole gamut of things from shopping for ingredients, prepping, cooking, plating, styling, presenting, clicking, editing and writing a recipe. Couldn't agree more. Blogging has just made me a better multi tasker than ever before and it humbles me everytime I stumble upon a new food blog that has been so passionately put together.

Just like most passionate food bloggers I know, flipping through cookbooks and browsing the net for recipes is one of my most favourite pass times. Sometimes it becomes such an obsession that you can even find me taking pictures of recipes in magazines at the salon or the doctor's clinic. At times like these I snap myself out of my trance and pull myself away to focus on the more important things of my life. This should explain why you find me gone for a few days at a stretch sometimes. I always like to return with a fresh mind and with new stories to tell. Thank you for being part of this journey. It is because of my readers that I am able to continue with this task of bringing you recipes of some tried and tested Mangalorean favourites along with some popular, contemporary ones! Ok! That's the end of the speech! I don't intend boring you year after year.

Folks, since it's my blog's anniversary week I am in the mood to post as many recipes as I can today but since time is a constraint I must stop at two for today! This is in continuation to the reader choice post - a voting was conducted yesterday on my Facebook page where I asked readers what kind of recipe they'd like to see next on the blog and the maximum number of votes were garnered by the category 'breakfast'. So here's another delightful and interesting way to have eggs! If you love marmalade like I do you will definitely like this recipe. When I came across this recipe sometime I instantly bookmarked it and couldn't wait to try it out. As soon as I got the opportunity I whipped up this sweet breakfast for myself as nobody else likes sweetened food early in the morning. I was completely bowled over by the taste of this omelette which was a great combination of eggs and marmalade. Perfect for those who fancy continental style breakfasts especially with eggs. 

Every once in a while (especially after I am back after a break) I ask the followers on my Facebook page what kind of recipe they would like to see next on the blog. Among the options they had, 'breakfast' drew in the maximum number of votes. As expected, it was also a category I hadn't posted in for ages. It is also one of my favourite categories but since I was on a standard diet breakfast for a few months to help reduce my post delivery weight gain, I hadn't been experimenting a lot with new breakfast recipes. Why 'months' for a diet you may wonder. Well, I don't believe in crash dieting at all and the fancy/fad diets are not for me. I believe in eating everything in moderation and yeah, healthy as much as possible. But being a big foodie and one that tries out a ton of recipes it is hard to go on a completely strict diet. This is something that I have now overcome and can bring my mind to eat in reduced portions as exercise is hard to come by. Anyway, before I bore you with my diet stories I must come to this recipe. Since I still am a diehard breakfast person I was looking for recipes to make use of the cauliflower that I had in my fridge for over a week. I randomly found it in the collection of recipes by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and since I have lately started enjoying his recipes and tips I decided to give this one a try. 

Since the past few days I have been contemplating what my next post for the Kapi Falhaar series should be. Since I have decided to try making most of the goodies that are popularly available in Mangalorean bakeries I decided that I would include in this series, not just savouries but sweets too. They may not be consumed during tea time but are very much a part of the snack platter in most homes, especially when guests arrive. During my growing up years the boondi laddoo was a common sweet that was stocked up at home without the need for a real occasion. It was much loved by all and nobody felt the guilt after popping one or two after lunch or during tea time. It was something that was served if you went visiting people. It was also a sweet that would be offered to you on a joyous occasion such as the birth of a baby boy or a festive one such as Deepavali. We as kids looked forward to it during the sweet distribution right after the flower-shower/offertory ceremony during the nine days of Novena of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother Mary's birthday on the 8th of Sept). The mithai (mitai) laddoo as we call the boondi laddoo in Mangalore is one sweet that has no particular reason or season to be eaten and enjoyed so it stands to be one of my most favourite sweets of all time.