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A Refined Taste In Naked Ladies
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Daphne Velghe by Kevin Ohana




Things that are ok to say to a person’s nudes / selfies:

  • you look gorgeous / stunning / cute / lovely / awesome
  • you have (a) beautiful body / face / arms / legs / hair / booty (if you absolutely MUST isolate one body part, but it’s more respectful if you don’t)
  • I love this set of lingerie / your captain america shirt / nailpolish

Things that are NOT ok to say to a person’s nudes / selfies:

  • ride my face
  • i want to shove my dick in your face
  • come to daddy
  • you make my dick hard
  • {follow for more bbw cuties} / [welcome to lady cassandras playpen] / (insert link to your creepy blog)
  • LITERALLY ANYTHING that implies that the person in the photos would / should have sex with you.
    You have absolutely no right to assume that. It’s disrespectful and makes a lot of people (certainly not all of them, but still) uncomfortable.



Things I’d also like to include in things that are NOT ok to say to a person’s nudes / selfies:

  • How you’d like to do anything rapey / non consensual and
  • Talking about women people as objects (eg for both of above:”I’d tie that down and fuck it”, “the things I’d do to that” etc)
  • Slurs as compliments, no. Slut, whore, bitch, cunt, rape-bait, fattie etc aren’t compliments to me.
  • Don’t jerk off with your right hand and point with your left either. If you enjoy my work or view porn you don’t get to judge those who make it! Have some respect for us, and some self respect!
  • Use our pics to advertise *anything* we haven’t consented too. If you designed or made the products we are wearing or using, it’s totally fine to be like “Wow looks grat wearing our xyz thingy!” etc, but I’m not here to advertise for you, unless you’d like to pay me to consensually advertise for you


seeing with my eyes closed


Bree Addams, Fuji X-Pro1.  Philadelphia, PA, 2013.


we wander searching for lost souls
featuring Leanna Banana
photos by Anna Demarco


Miles Bowers


wet summer

see the rest of this set in color exclusively at :


Anmari Botha: Sugar Mountain - Russh by Elina Kechicheva, April-Mary 2013


© 18vier13


photo: Yoo Sun
styling: Amir Kosha Amiri
makeup: Tina T Solberg
hair: Eirik Thorsen
hair ass: Steven Pimjang
model: Emma Clare