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Vimeo / Nudism
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This video contains nudity. Mostly still shots of me in and out of some of my favorite underwear.

Cast: John Morgan

Tags: naked, nudity, sexuality, erotic, exhibitionism, underwear, mens underwear, sex, nude and exhibitionist


Trailer: (All levels) Teacher: Hope
Taken out of the context of competition or the pressure of achieving a specific distance, the simple motion of running is a natural dance that lives inside of all of us. This lesson brings a lighthearted perspective to running, and invites the practitioner to use the increased energy that accompanies running to explore their thoughts,breath and perceptions of their surroundings. NYV0046B

Cast: Naked Yoga School

Tags: Naked-Yoga-Class, Nude-yoga-practice, Tantra-exercise, Tantric-Workshop, Osho, Nude-Asana, Instruction-video, Naga-Sadhu, Active-Meditation, Fitness-Training, nudist, naturist, naturism, Flexible, Orgasmic-Workout, Puja, Kundalini,  Burning-man, shadhu and au-naturel

A short preview video of Celeste's "Nude Beach" photo shoot for Nude-Muse Magazine
Go to to see the full members only version.

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Celeste, nude muse, nude beach, nude, nudism, nudity, fit, beach, naked, red hair, model and outdoor

A preview of Scarlett-Morgan's (Eden), "bedroom" video for Nude-Muse Magazine
The full version of this video only for members at

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Eden, Scarlett-Morgan, bedroom, nude, muse, model, nudism, art, artistic, natural, boobs, tits, breasts and pussy

A preview video of Scarlett-Morgan's (Eden) "Lighthouse" photo shoot for Nude-Muse Magazine
See the full length version at

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Scarlett-Morgan, Eden, nude, muse, lighthouse, whit, breasts, boobs and tanned

A preview video of Scarlett-Morgan's "Nude Paradise" photo shoot for Nude-Muse Magazine
See the full length version at

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Scarlett-Morgan, nude, muse, paradise, creek, stream, nudism, natural, nudity, boobs, breasts, aussie, outdoor and rainforest

A preview video of Celeste and Scarlett-Morgan's (Eden) "Poolside" photo shoot for Nude-Muse Magazine
See the full length version at

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Celeste, Scarlett-Morgan, poolside, pool, nude, muse, nudism, naked, natural, skinny dip, pose, boobs and breasts

Good Morning,...from my workshop, morning after sex


Tags: erotic, nude art, naked, nackt, nudism, naturism, FKK, wood carving, wood carved, handmade, life nude class, nude art class, art, creative and workshop

The Summer comes to an end with a hot sunny day at San Francisco's famous nude beach, Baker Beach. Your LIKES and COMMENTS are always Welcome!

The Tip Jar is available for those who wish to help me replace my stolen bike.

All of my videos are also available at the Crazy Gay Guy website:

You can also follow me at: (Twitter) (Instagram)

Where am I?

Cary Chauvet
1819 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Cast: Cary Chauvet

Tags: Uncensored, Crazy Gay Guy, Nude, Naked and Baker Beach

I do like to walk nude. This time in the VAR near Ramatuelle
model: deedraa
movie: wim hill

Cast: deedraa and WimHill