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Vimeo / Nudism
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It was so hot today, it felt good to take another shower.

Cast: Naked Guy



I am wearing a fun pair of underwear from Gregg Homme of Canada at the start of this video. They are very silky feeling and stretchy. I have worn this exact pair to a hot tub party (the guys and gals wear anything they want). They are transparent when wet. That was fun. It is also fun to show you everything at the end of this video. I did the same thing at the hot tub party when one of the ladies asked me to take my undies off. Of course I did. Make life an adventure!

Cast: Just Me

Tags: Underwear, Mens Underwear and Nudity

I want to learn French and improve my pronunciation.

Cast: Open Minded Guy

Tags: Nude male, naked male, nude, nudity and nudism

2nd installment from my shooting with Ena in Croatia.

Ena Friedrich:

follow me:

Music - Snakehips - On & On (Kaytranada Remix)


Tags: model, lingerie, european, nude, naked, art, ena friedrich, sexy, girl, playboy, el3 imagery, croatian, bath tub, wet, shower and sex

Trailer: Teacher: Skye, Student: Collibrina
The half roll up and full roll up are essential for fluid movement in the spine. In this Video I break down the specific steps movements. The "C" Curve is established in the body here. I show the variations of Roll Ups that can be done as the viewer's core gets stronger and flexibility increases. Engaging the core more and truly utilizing the breath will aid in the more advanced sequence that includes raising the legs. This video makes it easier for the viewer to learn by getting a good feel of the movement. I remove my clothes for freedom of flow and deeper connection to my self. NYV0055B

Cast: Naked Yoga School

Tags: Naked-Yoga-Class, Nude-yoga-practice, nudist, naturist, naturism, Tantra-exercise, Tantric-Workshop, Osho, Nude-Asana, Flexible, Workout, Puja, Kundalini,  Burning-man, shadhu, au-naturel and Instruction-video Naga-Sadhu Act

Just met these two wonderful ladies, and oh my. Enough said. They both hail from Florida, and are a way better export than oranges. Here they are performing to Avila's "All Shook Up."

Briella has several sites she personally maintains and they both appear on them:

Abby is fairly new, and I will post her info as it becomes available.

As for Avila,
You may buy this wonderful song here:

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles

Tags: nude dance, avila and all shook up

It's nice to exercise totally naked in the fresh morning air! As a lifelong naturist I have no fears of being naked and although my body is aging I see no reason why I should cover it with useless clothing! You can see more of me and others at and my flickr page at though you may have to friend me to see the full frontal pictures! Take care,be as bare as you dare!

Cast: mike george

Tags: naked, nude, naturist, nudist, me, clothes-free, exercise, garden and outdoors