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Vimeo / Nudism
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Thanks very much to the model, Elizabeth Marxs for her stunning performance. Never been more impressed with a model. This was a collaboration, but I give most of credit to Elizabeth. Please enjoy.

If you were wondering, the music is Vivaldi, Gloria in D Major. It is titled Et in Terra Pax Hominibus, which is Latin of course. It means "and on earth peace, good will toward men." It is perfectly apropos for the season. I've always been a fan of Vivaldi, but never had heard this version. Special thanks to Luca Priori, my Italian friend from across the ocean for heading me in the right direction with this music.

Shot with a hand held 6d and a Tokino 16-28 F2.8 lens pushed to the max and some other off the shelf Canon lens. I forget which. Blah. No special effects. No filters.

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles

Tags: Elizabeth Marxs and Shelby Carter


Cast: Markes


Cast: Marilo


(All levels)
Teacher: Cat Noble
Student: Collibrina
especially good for more flexible people with back pain.
From desk jobs and waiting tables to a daily bike commute, there are many activities in our daily lives that can lead to back pain. Holding a static posture or putting repetitive strain on the spine causes muscle imbalances and tight connective tissue. The corresponding Yin Yoga for Back Pain Relief video can be practiced beforehand if the joints are stiff. Regardless of your flexibility, this Vinyasa sequence will help to correct muscle imbalances, however it is especially good for people who are overly flexible and need to work on stabilizing the joints. Poses include: child's pose, cat/cow with spinal balancing, sun salutations, starfish (supine shoulder stretch), cobra - locust - bow succession, ustrasana (camel), navasana (boat), paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), supine spinal twist. This sequence strengthens the muscles of the lower, middle and upper back, as well as the hips and abdominals, in order to better support the spine in a healthy postural alignment. NYV0057B

Cast: Naked Yoga School

Tags: Naked-Yoga-Class, Nude-yoga-practice, Tantra-exercise, Tantric-Workshop, Osho, Nude-Asana, Instruction-video, Naga-Sadhu, Active-Meditation, Fitness-Training, nudist, naturist, naturism, Flexible, Orgasmic-Workout, Puja, Kundalini,  Burning-man, shadhu and au-naturel

Amateur Model Nude Jumping Rope

Cast: Ramon

Tags: Amateur, Model, Bea, nude and busty

love cooking nude

Cast: jpier02

Tags: naked, kitchen, nudity, nudism, naturism and nude