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Vimeo / Nudism
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Astarte's Art.

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles and astarte

Tags: nude dance, danseuse, danza and nu


Basti aus Berlin massiert einen Freund in seinem Spa.

Cast: Marcel Bruckmann

Tags: Massage, basti aus berlin, xy, Studios, gay, schwul, nackt and nude

Cast: MD


Cast: MD


TRAILER: Teacher: Skye, Student: Collibrina
In this video I show how targeting the obliques can be done in many positions.  Criss Cross stabalizes the trunk(torso) and readys  the core in preparation for the series of exercises to come.  This is an exercise that will help to define the waistline, but protect the lower back from the constant bending and twisting that we do daily.  Once mastered while standing you can challenge yourself and the strength of your core by adding some layers to it.  By alternating the legs while twisting, placing them at higher angles and/or moving the legs steadily and fluidly while twisting the core you will take yourself to the next level.  Always start slow and see the patterns or shapes that the body is making to prevent strain. I remove my clothes to work more freely as I do the movement.  NYV0056D

Cast: Naked Yoga School

Tags: Naked-Yoga-Class, Nude-yoga-practice, Tantra-exercise, Tantric-Workshop, Osho, Nude-Asana, Instruction-video, Naga-Sadhu, Active-Meditation, Fitness-Training, nudist, naturist, naturism, Flexible, Orgasmic-Workout, Puja, Kundalini,  Burning-man, shadhu and au-naturel

Just 10 minutes away from the heart of the city, hundreds of hungry men meet by chance, by stealth. Some of them are looking for quick and easy sex, others want to avoid loneliness. Most of them are looking for themselves.

Short film, spanish with english subtitles
directed by Juanma Carrillo
Black and white HD 20'

Awarded in IRIS PRIZE,Cardiff, MIX MEXICO, OUT Montreal, EROTIC MEDIA FESTIVAL Seattle, TLVFest Tel Aviv
Selected in more than 50 international festivals around the world ( Hon kong, Barcelona, London, New York...)

More Info here:


Tags: lgbt, gay, cruising, sex, forest, bosque, marica, sexo, hombres, lesbian, straight, hetero, cancaneo and inconue

Hallo en welkom onder ons.

Aan elk nieuw lid, adviseer ik een kijkje te nemen op onze site om U te vergewissen dat onze moderne filosofie bij U past.

Als dit het geval is, geef dan een seintje zodat ik uw adres aan onze lijst kan toevoegen. Op deze manier zal u regelmatig op de hoogte gehouden worden van alle naturistische activiteiten.

Naturistische vriendschap

Cast: Natur Lux

Tags: naakt wandeling, naturistische wandeling, naturistische, naakt and FKK

After a long periode of no rain - here it came

Cast: paul70

Tags: nudisme, naked, naturism, naturisme, naturist, nude, nudism, nudist, nature, sun and mature older summer rain

Visit my blog to watch all videos:
Follow me on twitter: @danielshowsoff

Cast: Daniel Saches

Tags: exhibitionist, exhibitionism, voyer, public nudity, nudity, nudism, naturismo, nudismo, exibicionismo, nudez, out there, road and beach