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Vimeo / Nudism
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Music: Sun Dance / Battle Of The Greasy Grass River by Kyle Gann (

Cast: John Cassin



At home enjoying the cold sunlight indoor.

Cast: paul70

Tags: nudisme, naked, naturism, naturisme, naturist, nude, nudism, nudist, nature, sun and mature older home

A lovely pool for a skinnydip. Caution; nudity, NSFW

Cast: poloquin


A man explores his own body in front of a mirror.

Cast: Uffe Jakobsen


On an early Summer morning a group city bikers gather at Justin Herman Plaza and get naked in preparation of a naked bike ride around the city of San Francisco! Your LIKES and COMMENTS are always Welcome.

The Tip Jar is available for those who wish to help me replace my stolen bike.

All of my videos are also available at the Crazy Gay Guy website:

You can also follow me at: (Twitter) (Instagram)

Where am I?
Cary Chauvet
1819 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Cast: Cary Chauvet

Tags: Uncensored, Crazy Gay Guy, Nude, Naked and Bike Ride

Skinnydipping in one of my favourite waterholes.Warning; NSFW, nudity, not suitable for under 18.

Cast: poloquin


Cast: naked Jürgen


Just a quick time in freezing snow.

Cast: hugsat577

Tags: nude, man, naked, naturist, nudist and snow