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Vimeo / Nudism
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Further experimentation on notions of fantasy within the locker room setting.

Song credit: Echoes (Oliver Koletzki Remix) - Oliver Koletzki & Fran

Cast: Sarp Yavuz

Tags: homoerotica, sarp kerem yavuz, SARP, gay, locker room, jock, sports and varsity


Have some music of your own creation you want set to video? Contact me.

This video is my all time favorite. It is sensual, but not sexual. There's a difference in my opinion.
The lovely model is Astarte. She is my favorite model and an all around great person. She's even a talented sketch artist, and you will be seeing some of those incorporated into videos here in the future.

She has another video here:
and here:
and here:

Her MM profile link:

Music is by Lana Del Rey. Go buy this and more from this wonderful singer here:

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles

Tags: nude dance, sensual dance, provocative, sensual and steamy

Mondobay Exposing Nude 2014

Cast: Mondobay

Tags: nude, naked, mondobay, cock, daddy, daddies, exposed, fkk, mature, posing nude and 2014

Cast: Markes


Cast: Markes


Cast: Markes


The Continuing Adventures of My Stetson, or, How My Hat Got Famous.
The model is Abby. She is a ball of energy to say the least. I got tired just watching her run around the room. She also appears in this video:

She can also be seen at these sites:

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles

Tags: nude dance and dance

Hello, how are you? My name is Mimi, a very nice Asian girl with a sexy curvey body, pretty face and soft hands.
I am a trained theropist and also know how do best massage for you, if you like... also give you a happy ending also.

come check out my tummy tattoos

Call me now...i will give you best service, my phone is 24 hours open for you.

Cast: Mimi

Tags: escort, massage, erotic and dubai

The continuing adventures of my Stetson...
She is also in this video:
Here is the model's personal websites:

Cast: Mephisto's Chronicles

Tags: Stetson dance, nude dance, nude and dance

On June 8, 2014, the supporters of Blind Creek Beach had their first social get together on the beach with about 30 participants enjoying perfect naked weather. Interviewed for the episode is Nelson Jones of Friends of Blind Creek Beach ( and Bill Schroer of American Association for Nude Recreation (

Cast: Nude Beach News

Tags: nude, nudist, nudism, naked, nude beach, naturist, naturist beach, naked beach, haulover beach, blind creek beach and naturism