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Melasma Cures
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[YEA] Heather from Nj, Us writes: "If u have melasma pls try Fermented Cod Liver Oil. U order it online. I tried tons of stuff and spend tons of $$$. Hid in the house..but Horrible melasma mustache went away immediately after... "


[YEA] Melzyinoz from Melbourne, Australia writes: "Hi guys, how are you all going? I had tried alot of topical products including Obagi NU DERM to lighten my very dark melasma/sunspots and acne scarring and received good results only to have... "

[YEA] Lynnbenn from Raleigh, Nc writes: "I don't know what brought my Melasma on three years ago. I tried everything, I was so discouraged. I couldn't put anymore energy into it. I had already been eating very healthy for y... "

Angella from Jamaica writes: "A pharmacist recommended that I use Dermovate (in the tube) for my melisma and it worked. I was surprised. I started seeing results within the first two weeks. I never looked back. I have be... "

Milla from South Africa writes: "I first started to develop melasma after very short exposure to birth control pills. I had a few patches on my forehead and some on my upper lip (so awful.) But amazingly, I got rid of it 10... "

[YEA] Newtrend from Denver, Co writes: "I've only had melasma (forehead, cheeks, and upper lip which was the worst area) for less than a year, but I am already sick of it. the only thing I can relate its cause to was when I st... "

[YEA] Rr from Colorado writes: "Melasma Remedy Treatment (Rosehip Seed Oil and Squalene Oil)I've tried just about everything for pregnancy induced melasma. It was embarassing and was getting to the point that even make... "

Shifi from Maldives writes: "My friend is suffering from melasma, it's like a dirt which is in her both the cheek. Please help me to get the ACV I want try that for her."

[SIDE EFFECTS] Esmesan23 from Watsonville, Ca, Usa writes: "Hello, I am really desperate! I want to get rid of my melasma because I'm getting married in 3 months. I tried ACV and all I am seeing is red blotches on top of the melasma. I am feeling ver... "

Sanjna from India writes: "My skin colour is fair but the skin outside my vagina, under arms and inner thighs is dark due to the use of hair removing creams. I am going to marry in 2 months. I am virgin and physically... "

[YEA] K8 from Kissimmee writes: "Hello, for nearly 10 years I suffered melasma and in addition to my freckles, my skin was horrible looking. People have asked if I was a man. Others have asked if I had sharpie marks on my f... "

[YEA] Aufia from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia writes: "hello everyone... I m dr aufiathank God I saw these comments on treatment of melasma... and I really feel blessed to help u out of this stigma on face...leave everything else aside n go to a... "

Laura from Ottawa, On Canada writes: "Hello I read something about a cream called "mother... " something but I can't recall the name and have searched and searched but can't seem to find the posts where I saw it. It is used to t... "

[YEA] Francis from Cocoa Beach, Fl writes: "Hi, my melasma is almost gone! After trying a lot of things (lotios, lemon, apple cider, etc, ) finally I found in you tube a girl that say that baking soda was good for brown spots, well, I... "

Topaz from Perth, Western Australia, Australia writes: "I have suffered from melasma for 5 years, it has become progressively worse from what I believe a combination of factors, some being, age, toxin overload, medical treatment for acne, huge ex... "

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED] Pj from Lfp writes: "First of all, blessings to you all for sharing your pains and solutions. If it wasn't for your generous thoughts, I would not be posting today.My melasma began about 10 years ago. After read... "

Praying4us from Toronto, Canada writes: "Dermal melasma is deep melasma underneath the skin and is blue/grey. Epidermal melasma is in the skin and brown in colour. How you treat dermal melasma is different from epidermal. Looking f... "

Zoya from India, West Bengal writes: "Hi there, Well I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in 1:1 ratio of water and Apple Cider Vinegar for a week. I also use flaxseed oil on my skin once in a day, my melasma on side of... "

Zoya from Kolkata, India writes: "Hi there, Can anyone help me out with the dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar and how long it should be applied on skin to get better result? Today I have just received my package of ____ Apple Ci... "

[YEA] Lisa from San Jose, California, Usa writes: "A commercial cosmetic product helped erase maybe 50-60% of my melasma. The rest wasn't responding to the commercial product, so I tried MSM, which helped somewhat, but the rest wouldn't go a... "

Roseyposey from Youngsville, Nc, United States writes: "I've tried all the cures and then some. My melasma is on both sides of my neck and was horrible looking! I found some glycolic acid online and ordered that and it worked beautifully on my fa... "

Julieanime from Silver Spring, Maryland writes: "Just found out I have been suffering from a Hyperthyroid... Hmmmmm. I pieced together my Melasma time line with the other symptoms of a Hyperthyroid, zeroing in on a known cause of melasma -... "

[YEA] Melasma Sufferer from Whangarei, New Zealand writes: "I have been trying the suggested treatment of an equal mix of lemon juice and cider vinegar every night and morning and I want to say thank you very much for posting that cure! I have had me... "

Anu from Cleveland, Ohio Usa writes: "Hi I am Anu. Can my melasma be cured with doing kapalbhati and anulom velom prayanams? I have melasma 3 years back. It is on cheeks and I'm also using aloe vera gel pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me"

[YEA] Sarah from ---, Qatar writes: "I suffered from dark upper lip for ages before finding a remedy. I am 24 now and when I finally decided enough was enough, I had to get rid of this 5 o clock shadow which showed despite conc... "